Saturday Morning Cartoons: Episode 6 - VOLTRON

We've got the prize in your cereal box and it's the return of Saturday Morning Cartoons. This is season 2 and we're kicking it off with VOLTRON!! Join Kevin, Miggs and Scott as we tackle one of the worst cartoons that you remember the most fondly. Click here to listen!

NerdTunes: Episode 3 - Guilty Pleasures

Prepare your ears, for this self indulgent, sonically satisfying and semi bipolar musical episode. Scott and Kevin have prepared for you their top 5 favorite guilty pleasure songs. Click here to listen!

NWA: Episode 50 - NerdBotCon 2

LIVE!!! From Pasadena CA, its The NerdBot Strikes Back. The nerds are back. We've got Boba Fett himself Daniel Logan, a live stage show and we check in with all the best purveyors of nerd-dom this side of the galaxy. Click here to listen!

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