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July 11, 2019

Whats up Nerds?  It's thursday, I've already finished reading my pulls from yesterday, there's no convention until Saturday...lets hang out tonight.  But where?

The world is quickly being overrun by nerd culture... and it's awesome!  There are pop culture items in nearly every store (did you know that LIDS has it's own Funko Pops?  LIDS.  The hat store.  Hats.) and somewhere there's a comic convention almost every week of the year now, hell there's one happening at the end of this blog entry (Lou Ferrigno and Deep Roy will be there)  .  But what if we just want a casual...

May 13, 2019

Kevin here, lately I've been doing a deep dive on Exosquad. If you dont remember, it was a short lived cartoon (just 2 seasons) in 93 and a toy line from 93-96. There was also a comic put out by Topps (man I just love the TCU, their movies are so great) and a sega genesis game.

The cartoon was only 54 episodes before it was cancelled due to some late 90's network shenanigans. It died at a 4am slot. I mean, you know how kids are always up at 4am watching cartoons, how could it have failed? Season 1 is 13 episodes and is the only thing to make it to DVD. Season 2 can be found i...

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