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A Nerd's Guide to Art #2

Welcome back to another edition of a Nerd's Guide to Art! For this weeks artist, we are bringing you the work of James Raiz. Raiz is an accomplished Matte Painter, Illustrator, Modeler and Texture Artist who has worked on both feature films and for many mainstream comic publishers. He is well known for the attention to detail that he brings into his illustrations, and he has devoted a youtube channel to just that. On his channel, The Box Office Artist, Riaz regularly posts videos where he pushes the limits of detail into a still pleasing composition with popular properties like Transformers, Marvel, and DC.

Be sure to check out his work at www.youtube.com/user/TheBoxOfficeArtist, www.jamesraizmedia.com, and www.artstation.com/boxofficeartist

(Images shown in order of appearance. " ULTIMATE STAR WARS TRIBUTE ", " IDW'S TRANSFORMERS: UNICRON - Six Part Connecting Cover ", " Transformers The Movie Poster Recreation ", and " POWER RANGERS ULTRAZORD ".)

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